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Fun in Room 6

Check out our door! This is October’s advisory challenge: decorate our door for  img_4298Dia de los Muertos! The idea, design and all of the work is the product of teamwork and creativity from all of the students in Advisory. I think it looks great!! We get “judged” tomorrow. I wonder what award we will receive… Please send non-perishable items this week and next. Collecting canned foods is our challenge for November. All food items will be delivered as a donation to a local food bank here in Brighton.

We have been having a great time in Social Studies. Our DBQ (ask you student what a DBQ is!) unit is in full swing. All 6th grade Social Studies teachers got the necessary training to borrow and handle artifacts from our Denver Museum of Nature and Science. Students got to explore primary artifacts from the 1860s. Amazing stuff!


Checking out Gold Rush equipment.


Pyrite – fools’ gold!


Arapahoe Native American rattle


1860s Drill Bit!







In Language Arts, we continue to work on writing an informational piece about Vikan. Ask your student what his/her favorite thing at Vikan is. I have been reading lots of great writing in both period 1 and 2!!

Thank you for sharing your children with me!

Ana Marlatt