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Thank You!

Thank you parents for entrusting you precious children to us while in Outdoor Ed. We had a fabulous time! The weather was perfect and made it possible for us to have every class outside. The kids did a great job as well. They were curious and hard-working. They got along and enjoyed the time. We had a great time together! Please check out the pictures on the post below.

It is nice to be back to a routine. I hope the weekend helped everyone recuperate – I know I was very tired and only today feel like myself again!

This coming week we will delve into the Weather on Earth. This is a huge tested item on CMASS for 5th graders and I have just started using a new curriculum. I am very excited about what we will learn together. We will explore the question What is Weather? and learn about the variables meteorologists use to measure conditions of the atmosphere. You can be involved in what we are doing by asking your child about our everyday investigations and experiments. You can track the weather together Watch the evening news together and pay attention to the weather. If you have access to newspapers or online resources, look at weather maps together. Look for patterns. Ask questions about what words your child is learning so that they can use the vocabulary words in real life situations. Weather is all around us!

I will be out of the classroom on Tuesday for an observation. I have something fun for the students that day and hope they will enjoy the short break from our daily rigor.

Thank you for sharing your children with me!

Ana Marlatt

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