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Week of 12-8-14

Saying goodbye to 2014

Check out these brainiacs!

Check out these brainiacs!

I apologize for the late post. I am getting ready to go celebrate my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary in Florida, so I took the day off today to get some of the million and a half things I have to get done before Saturday. As fate has it, I went to bed early feeling ill. So I am glad I stayed home but am wondering when will everything get done… Oh well!

Let’s move on to funner things. This is our last week of school in 2014. It is crazy to think we have done so much already. The new year will bring lots more fun in learning (Ameritowne, new testing in computers, lots of fun science experiments) and many lasts (our 5th graders will be leaving West Ridge…). It is all exciting and sad at the same time. I look through the pictures of the kids, and I can see them growing before my eyes. You can’t stop the growing (thank goodness for that), but I hope the growing is good!

We will close the year with lots of fun in science. If all goes according to plan, tomorrow will be a fun day of experiments. We will design catapults to toss “snowballs” and also design an experiment to see how much milk certain cookies can absorb. Wednesday will be a short day, as we have early release and also our party. Our time together in the am will not be so much science-minded, but it will be very literacy-minded. We will spend the time reading all of the picture book nominees for the Colorado Children’s Book Awards. It should be a fun and easy end of the week.

Thursday and Friday are assessment days. Please send your child… we will use the data to help guide our instruction in the future. We will also clean up cubbies, folders and our work areas, so that we can start 2015 fresh!

Please check out the pictures for this week. We tested out lung capacities and also played a hilarious game of digestive ¬†system relay. The pictures are priceless…

Thank you for sharing your children with me!

Ana Marlatt

Before and After Thanksgiving Break

Hello Elvis!

Elvis the chick - a few hours old

Elvis the chick – a few hours old

After much hoping and waiting, Elvis the chick hatched between Thursday night and Friday morning. He is living in his brooding box, ¬†happy and warm and surrounded by a lot of love. The kids absolutely love him. He has quite a personality! We knew he would be a special chick when we were serenaded by him all day Thursday from inside his little egg. We call him a “he”, but we really have no idea. The kids named him Elvis because of his singing, so for his short stay with us he is a boy! All of the students have been so careful and respectful with him. He was only a few hours old when the students saw him, and every one was so gentle with him. I was impressed! We have 4 more fertilized eggs and we have until the end of tomorrow to see if we get a few brothers and sisters for Elvis. We are hoping… but Elvis seems to be adjusting just fine as an only child. We will move his brooding box to the library sometime tomorrow. This way all students will be able to meet Elvis and enjoy the miracle of life. Many classes came to see the incubator during my planning time, so the egg project has been a school-wide event! I am glad our kids got to be the hosts of the project.

We have 2 short weeks left before Winter break. The last 2 days will be assessment days. Please refer to the blue sheet you will receive TOMORROW for your day and time. I am very flexible with the assessment times, so if you need a change, please email me and I will work with your schedule. It is important that all students come to assessment days.

We will wrap up Body Systems in Science by next Wednesday. We have been having lots of fun with interesting things to read and fun projects. We worked on Circulatory and Respiratory systems last week, and this week we will work on the Nervous System and also the Digestive System.

Please visit the photo gallery for fun pictures of the kids. I have added some pictures of our visit to 4th grade before Thanksgiving.

Please keep at eye on your email for sign up information for our Winter party on Wednesday, December 17th!

Thank you for sharing your children with me!

Ana Marlatt