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First Week – August 2014

Our Wonderful First Week

First Day of School!

First Day of School!

We enjoyed a wonderful first week together. I was pleased to have so many 5th graders that are eager to learn, work hard and do their best.

We spent the week getting to know each other, sharing and starting our 40 book challenge, and also learning about what scientists do. It is important to learn how to behavie in the science lab (we don’t have a science lab, but the classroom becomes the science lab during science). Most importantly, though, it is important to feel free to explore, ask questions and experiment with ideas. That’s science at its best!

For next week, we will solidify our books, and what we should be doing as far as reading at home is concerned. We will also start exploring what’s inside the Earth. It should be an exciting week!

Please remember that Friday is a half day. Students are dismissed at 12:30 pm.

Thank your for sharing your children with me!

Ana Marlatt