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Valentines Day 2014

TCAP, “The Talk” and more…

Valentines Girls!

Valentines Girls!

I hope you had a chance to check your child’s Friday Folder. In it, you will find information on TCAP schedule (yellow paper) and a permission slip on “the talk”.

For TCAP – I think it goes without saying that students should take this seriously. By this I mean getting enough sleep before testing days, and eating a good breakfast on the mornings of testing. I don’t believe in TCAP voodoo – Some teachers believe kids must eat certain foods, suck on mints, etc… in order to produce great results. I believe in consistent good practices, and I also believe in celebrating good effort. I have fun music to get us all in the mood before each testing session. We will also do a little yoga to loosen up and get relaxed and focused. I hope to make the TCAP testing time a good memory, not a time of stress and pressure. ¬†We will test during the first and second weeks in March. I would love to have a special snack for the end of each week. In the past, parents have signed up to contribute special cookies, pizza, donuts, ice cream, etc. Would you consider providing our special snack on either March 7th or March 14th? If you can,. just email me directly. We will work it out. We will celebrate the end of each week and the good effort kids will put forth for testing. We will also take another recess on this Fridays. Something to look forward too…!

Our science tests will take place later in the school year. As the state transitions to all digital testing, we will give start slowly by pony taking the science test (5th grade) and social studies test (4th grade) on computers this year. This means a little bit less testing during the March weeks, and this is also a cause for celebration. One more thing about TCAP: I do believe the testing time is a privilege. We get to show our growth and our progress. It is a privilege to be able to do this!

For “the talk”: The purple paper is really important. It must be signed and sent back to school ASAP. “The Talk” is NOT a sex talk, but it does cover body changes in teens. It is a tradition for 5th grade students. If your child does not bring a signed permission slip, he/she can’t participate… so please make sure that paper gets to us soon.

We have welcomed a new student to our class – Kiana Hall. She is adapting well to our community and we are really enjoying having one more girl!

Please make sure to check out the Photos tab for some fun pictures of the Valentines Party.

Thank you for your continued support, and thank you for sharing your children with me!

Ana Marlatt

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