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Week of 1-13-14

Edmodo and more…

A scientist in the making!

A scientist in the making!

Edmodo has taken off in our classroom! I have been posting many assignments and the conversation has been very interesting! I really urge you to use the parent code on your child’s page so that you can have access to your child’s Edmodo usage in your own time. While on your child’s page, the parent code should be on the left. Copy the code. Then log your child out and go to edmodo..com. Choose “I’m a parent” and sign up with that code. With all testing going digital next year. we will see a huge push for more and more technology in the classroom. It is important for you to keep up with what your child is doing in the digital world.  Every time we do anything on line our students hear my lecture: “What you put on the internet is permanent… don’t talk to people you don’t know… be wise… etc”. I hope they are using Edmodo classrooms so that I can better guide our students.

With the push to more of a digital presence in the classroom, and also the introduction of the new state standards based on the common core, we have replaced cursive writing in 5th grade with typing skills. Actually, what used to say “Students will write in cursive” is now replaced with “students will type a two page paper”.  Based on this, I would like for all students to type their reading responses. Some students are doing a great job on this already. And I realize that it is a new thing and not all 5th graders are great typists, so we will start slowly. if your child is not used to typing yet, take turns with your child. Slowly but surely we will get there. But we will not be prepared if we don’t start now! I also realize we must do a better job at teaching typing skills at school. I am also working on this. I am working with out technology teacher in order to make sure our students have opportunities to practice typing skills at school. I am also looking for something to put on Edmodo so students could have easy access whenever they want to typing practice.

We have been having a fabulous time learning everyday. From science experiments to learning about fractions in math and the mystery of Roanoke in Social Studies, we have fun everyday. We have new content everyday, so a day missed is a lot! I am happy to have so many students consistently coming to school every week!

I hope you have a relaxing day tomorrow. Enjoy the Broncos victory and thank you for sharing your children with me!

Ana Marlatt

PS – Don’t forget to check the pictures in the photo tab!


Science and Christmas Party!

Welcome to 2014!

Enjoying a cup of hot cocoa!

Enjoying a cup of hot cocoa!

Welcome to a new year! I hope your break was relaxing, and provided a lot of opportunity for rest and family time. I enjoyed time with my family, cooking, reading and going to the movies. I am excited to see the kids back on Tuesday!

The new year will bring many opportunities for fun and learning. We will spend our first week back looking at the history of Pirates. It ties in so well with the reasons why America was colonized by England. We will explore American colonies and learn many lessons from this. We will be doing a lot of reading to increase our background in the subject and a good deal of writing.

Math will bring us fun with fractions! After a week finishing up Unit 2, Unit 3 will be all about fractions.

We will learn about Mixtures and Solutions in science. This unit in science is very hands on and students have a wonderful time learning by investigation. There is a lot of preparation for each lesson, but it is all well worth it!

I am doing a few adjustments to our reading-at-home time. Based on the data, some kids will need a bit more focus during their reading time. I will be sending home a letter explaining this small change. This will not be a drastic change, just a bit more focus and accountability. Do remember that good readers read A LOT! You can’t get better at reading without reading more. And becoming a good reader affects every area of your life! So it is important to me that every 5th grader in our room reads well, enjoys reading and does it often.

I am looking forward to a whole day of planning tomorrow. What a wonderful gift to be able to  go in and spend focused time preparing for the kids on Tuesday!

Please make sure to go to the Photos Tab for lots of fun pictures from our science race and also our party.

As always, thank you for sharing your children with me!

Ana Marlatt