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5th Grade Musical

Last Week of 2013!

5th Grade Musical

5th Grade Musical

I have found the perfect mug for our exchange! It is wrapped ad it is ready to go for Wednesday. I hope your child is having enjoying finding a fun, inexpensive mug for the exchange on Wednesday! It is supposed to be 65 degrees, but we will enjoy our hot chocolate and fixings. You should have received a red or green paper from me on Friday. Please consider what you would like to send  for the party, fill out the paper and send it back to me tomorrow. Thank you! I am so looking forward to our party! The kids should be pretty engrossed with games and their technology, but if you would like to join the fun, please know that the office will allow parents in classrooms starting at 1:30 pm.

Our students did a wonderful job on the play. I went on Thursday and was amazed at the production. It is not easy getting so many kids to perform together and our Specials teachers did a great job.  I have posted many pictures of Thursday’s performance. Please go to the Photos tab and check them out!

I have many fun activities for the students this week. We will end out Body Systems unit with some memorable games. We will be playing the Digestive System Relay Race tomorrow. We will also play the Circulation game, and we will end by dissecting a frog on the iPads. We will also conclude our studies on Columbus. We will end with a thoughtful activity on Columbus’ good and bad sides. This will include an illustration piece and I know all students will enjoy it. Our school week will end on Wednesday with our party and early release. Lots of fun ahead!!!!!!

NWEA testing continues on Tuesday. I was glad to see that the majority of the students really took their time on the test and needed a whole new day for testing! We go back to the lab on Tuesday and I am sure we will be done by the end of our time there. Nice job, kids! NWEA growth data will be a part of our reflections during assessment days.

Thursday and Friday are assessment days. Please make every effort to make sure your child is present. If you need a different time, just call me or email me. I will arrange a different time for your child. I just want to make sure everyone comes. We will be doing Theme Test 2, and then we will organize our portfolios, look at data and make goals for the coming months. I plan on meeting with every child individually and having a conversation about growth, effort, organization and what’s to come. As you can see, every minute of the 2 hours of our assessment time will be used up! I look forward to this time with your child!

I will post one more time before the end of the year. I will post pictures of our party, and a few news for 2014.

Thank you for sharing your children with me,

Ana Marlatt

A few quick reminders for the week:

Table #4 hard at work!

Table #4 hard at work!

Here are a few quick reminders for the upcoming weeks:

1. Every student has been added to our Edmodo account. I am new to this, but am learning quickly! I believe this will be  a great addition to our class! One thing I noticed is that, once your student logs in, there is a parent code available to you. I suggest you use the code to create an account for yourself. This gives you access to what your student is up to. I am planning on posting assignments, videos and articles on the site, and having your own account will allow you to view the site without needing to go through your child’s account. I have posted one video for viewing already. We will see how we do…!

2. You should have received a green sheet with information on the last 2 days of school before winter break. The paper breaks down our assessment schedule and lets you know when your student should report to school for the 2 hour assessment window. All students are asked to report for their 2 hours. I will use this time for data review and individual student goal setting.

3. Our Christmas party will be on Wednesday, the 18th of December. The plan is to have a hot chocolate/technology party. We will also have a mug exchange. We will use the mugs we exchanged in order to drink the hot chocolate. This is what you will need to contribute:

* Hot chocolate items (a sign up sheet will go home this week). I am asking for items such as marshmallows, hot chocolate mix, caramel, etc.

*We can have a few treats, but I would like to keep the sweets to a minimum. We usually end up with too many cupcakes… Some treats that go well with a hot chocolate party would be crackers and cheese, veggie and meat tray, christmas cookies (homemade would be terrific!), cinnamon rolls, donuts, finger foods, etc. I will ask you to sign up for a hot chocolate item and an optional treat item for the party.

4. I am planning on our regular tutoring Thursday morning this week. It will be cold but not as cold as last week! See you at 7:00 am!!!

5. Reading NWEA testing went well. We started on Monday and finished Friday afternoon. We had just a few kids with minimum or no growth. The big majority of the class had great growth, and many surpassed the expected growth for their individual score. Mostly, I was very please at how carefully everyone took the test. There was a lot of calm reading, focus and concentration from all students. Tuesday we take the math test. I expect the same focus from the students once again. I am planning on sending everyone’s scores home on the last week before break.

This week and a half will some and go quickly! I hope everyone stays warm!

Thank you for sharing your children with me,

Ana Marlatt

Week of November 18th, 2013

Gratitude Week

Thank you, Mrs. Nelson!

Thank you, Mrs. Nelson!

The week prior to Thanksgiving break was our Gratitude Week. We made time each day to think, talk, reflect and write out thoughts on gratitude. We talked about how we must practice gratitude (just like we must practice a sport to get good at it). We also talked about how gratitude requires action. We wrote on our gratitude journal everyday, we discussed a wrote on gratitude everyday, and we ended the week by acting on our feelings of gratitude. We chose someone that we were grateful for, wrote a note and delivered it to that person! We got to see kindergarden teachers and lunchroom workers get a note from our students. It was a wonderful way to end the week and send us off to our break. Please go to the Photos tab for a few pictures of our gratitude week in action.

In early October, I wrote a grant and was approved! I asked for money to buy iPad minis for 5th grade. The grant covered most of the financial need for the devices, and Mrs. Brock covered the rest. Now we have 10 new iPad minis to rotate to all 5th grade students! This is not nearly enough, but it is a start. As I continue to head our school’s technology committee, I hope to write more grants and add more iPads to our collection. The rotation means we get the iPads for 3 days every 9 days (we have 4  5th grade teachers). When I know I will have the devices, I plan lessons that allow the full use of technology in the classroom. It sure makes it for a very engaging time for the students. My goal is a one-to-one environment soon!

On Tuesday, before the break, some of our 5th graders represented the grade level by reading their writing to the Board of Education. Trevor Daum was our representative. He did a fantastic job reading his Marco Polo essay. It was a very long night for him, but he did a wonderful job from beginning to end! I have added a few pictures of the event to our Photos tab as well.

The next 2 1/2 full weeks will fly by! We have lots of activities planned for the students, including body systems for science, multiplication and division with decimals in math, and a look at explorers and Christopher Columbus for our Literacy block. Our very last week will end on Wednesday with our class party. The last 2 days will be assessment days. Watch for information on all of this coming to you soon.

As we start up again this Monday, we will be taking our NWEA tests for the second time. I use this time to goal set with students. It is important that all students try their best.  The test is done in the computer room, and students can take as long as they need to complete the test. I will be in the testing room, and I hope that my presence there will impress upon the students the importance to do their best (the testing takes place during my planning time). Please speak with your student about how important it is to always do their best, no matter what. They do their best by taking their time, reading questions carefully and also reading every question and reflecting before picking the right answer. We will have results immediately upon completion of the test, so students will go home with their growth number (comparing the first time they took the test in September to how they did now).

Monday will be here before we know it. I had a blessed, restful and fun week, but I am ready to see everyone again. I love being a teacher and consider myself lucky to be able to work with your child everyday! I hope the week off provided you and your family with needed rest too…!

Thank you for sharing your children with me! See you on Monday!

Ana Marlatt